2015, object

The deer blind is the most famous and ‘spectacular’ hunting device. It is used for observation and acquisition of game animals. Its construction depends mainly on the ground conditions, needs, availability of the material and aesthetics of the constructor. Permanent ambos should be located in order to provide the largest possible field of observation and mingle with the surroundings.
In this case, the subject of symbolic observation has become the area of the city. However, you can enter the golden tower. It is intended only to attract and awaken the desire of looking from its golden peak.
Gold is combined with possession and power, also with pride and stupidity. The rich gilding of church ambos spread the vision of eternal life and divinity. Gold deer blind in the urban context is an ironic gesture. It talks about inter-species rooted domination and hierarchy entanglement mechanism.

Photos: Tytus Szabelski
Translation: Pamela Cora