HUNTING (Venans)

2013, sound instalation

This is a room of sterile nature (400x200x210 cm) with a glass wall located across from the entrance. There is a sound from the crematorium reproduced inside, which was recorded during the incineration of corpse. On the outer side of glass there is a mobile smartphone placed, playing a video showing the cremation ceremony during the time of entering the furnace by the coffin – the moment of sound registration. The phone screen can be seen only after leaving the room. The title refers to the name of a person, the sound of incineration whom is used in the installation – Wenanty [Venantius], a Latin root venans means “hunting”. In this work the sound becomes “the hunting one”, lying in wait in the claustrophobic space, which one cannot withdraw. We are entering its territory by getting into.

The work carried out in the framework of the exhibition Epidemic in CoCA Znaki Czasu in Toruń (curator: Piotr Lisowski).

Photos: Jacek Chmielewski, Tytus Szabelski, Zuzanna Larysz

Translation: Hanna Piątkiewicz