2012, performance

In the performance modules built from ice cubes and envelopes were used. Letters were placed on a line stretched between the painting and the round piece of mirror embedded in a wall, which gives an illusion of a sequence continuation. The artist together with the audience were warming ice cubes by breathing. Melting ice let the envelopes drop and release individual message. In each envelope there was a single sentence that was the keynote of this action: “There are languages ​​whose grammatical form depends on how one is standing, with one’s front or back to the river.”

The performance was bringing attention to the quasi-unimportant matters, which concurrently lays foundations for the most important semantic structures in culture. The important thing was to put the emphasis on building a relationships not only with other people, but with every living entity. Limits of the communication are establishing itself during categorization of the world and cataloguing of species. Art remains the place for merging and abolishing divisions.


Translation: Hanna Piątkiewicz